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Bolide Bags: A Blend of Heritage, Style, and Innovation

A Storied Beginning of Bolide Bags

  • Year of Creation: 1923
  • Inspiration: Bolide Bags designed to fit the rounded trunks of early automobiles, the Bolide bag was a revolutionary blend of fashion and functionality, marking a new era in handbag design.

Equestrian Elegance

  • Design Nuances: The Bolide’s design subtly nods to its equestrian roots. Its rounded form and curved handles, reminiscent of harness straps, speak to a heritage deeply entwined with horse riding elegance.

Zipper Revolution

  • Innovation: Introduced by Émile Hermès, the Bolide was the first to incorporate a zipper in a handbag – a groundbreaking move at the time.
  • Patented Design: This feature, patented specifically for Hermès leather goods, was not just a functional addition but also became a hallmark of the Bolide’s design, enhancing both its practicality and appeal.

Sensory Experience

  • Interior Craftsmanship: Beyond its structured exterior lies a hidden treasure – a lining of soft lambskin.
  • Touch and Feel: This luxurious interior is not just visually appealing but also offers a tactile experience that is both sensual and comforting, making the Bolide a bag that’s not just carried but cherished.