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Hermes Kelly Bags: Iconic Elegance in Every Style

The Hermes Kelly bag collection is a symbol of timeless elegance and luxury. Each style within the collection offers unique features and designs:

  • Kelly 20cm Bags: A miniature version of the iconic bag, perfect for those who prefer compact and chic accessories. It’s available for sale at Hermes outlets.

  • Kelly 25cm: Ideal for fashion-forward individuals, this compact bag is suitable for social events and weekend outings. Its iconic structure is especially appealing in a smaller size.

  • Kelly 28cm: A versatile choice, light and easy to carry, transitioning smoothly from day to evening. It includes a shoulder strap, making it popular among younger audiences.

  • Kelly 32cm Bag: A perfect blend of beauty and functionality, offering generous space without being overly large. It can be carried in various ways, including a professional briefcase style.

  • Kelly 35cm: Known for its rigid structure and luxurious weight, this bag is a symbol of high fashion and practicality.

  • Kelly Ado Backpack: A stylish backpack variant in calfskin leather, featuring adjustable shoulder straps and a compact interior, ideal for everyday essentials.

  • Kelly Cut Bag: A gorgeous clutch version of the Kelly, perfect for evenings and formal occasions, with a sophisticated and creative design.

  • Kelly Danse: A versatile small clutch that can be worn in multiple ways, embodying luxury and high fashion details.

  • Kelly Ghillies: Features spectator trim for a touch of menswear style, lending the bag a businesslike air.

  • Kelly Pochette Bag: A mini version of the Kelly bag, combining the charm of a handbag with the practicality of a clutch.

  • So Kelly: A more casual variant with a hobo opening, adjustable shoulder strap, and available in various leathers, including the prominent Togo calfskin.

  • Kelly Depeches: A briefcase-style Kelly, embodying professional elegance.

Each Hermes Kelly bag, with its distinct style and functionality, caters to a wide range of preferences and occasions, maintaining the brand’s legacy of luxury and craftsmanship.